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Your Genie Is Waiting – for Your Command! 

Hi, welcome to my blog, 

I am Muthu, Dr Muthukrishnan .I am a medical practitioner in Kingswood Sydney Australia. I have been practising and teaching hypnosis for the last three decades transforming  the lives of thousands of people across Australia using hypnosis as a medical and mind power tool – patients, family practitioners, medical specialists, psychologists,, cricket heroes,  tennis champions, musicians, dancers, artists and athletes, entrepreneurial gurus , medical students and specialist trainees trying to get through their exams, year 12 students and even younger students trying to get into selective schools, or even 9-to-5 office workers, housewives,  and a host of other people, from bed-wetting seven year old kids to the presidents and CEOs of big companies – I have been able to help them all fulfil their dreams  reach their ideals and resolve their problems..

I have been empowering them to heal, to prosper, to get rid of their addictive habits, whether it is alcoholism smoking,  gambling,  marijuana or other drug addiction, I have  been empowering cancer patients to manage and control their disease process and live meaningfully.

I have helped people  snap out of  their  depression, anxiety  panic attacks, and other mental health  issues, I have saved marriages,  financial breakdowns,  dysfunctional relationships, I’ve have helped people survive  the  tyranny of unrequited love, or heart-wrenching relationship breakups.

Well, the hypnosis I’m talking about is not the kind of hypnosis that has been bandied around as a parlour game, or a partly trick or a stage magic. It is not the kind of hypnosis that is being promoted on the Internet as the so-called conversational or street hypnosis which makes you believe that if you talk to a bank teller he will hand over the money to you or   you can influence, control and manipulate anybody to your advantage, including your dates!  I am talking about scientific, professional, medical and ethical hypnosis, hypnosis based on the work of countless researchers, scientists, psychologists and doctors from Franz Anton Mesmer the father of hypnosis to Dr Milton Erickson, who revolutionised the principle and practice of modern hypnosis.


For my part I have combined this rich tradition of scientific hypnosis with the modern concept of quantum physics and the ancient Eastern Vedic philosophies to produce a very powerful therapeutic tool for personal transformation, performance enhancement, habit control, healing, life enrichment and enlightenment.

If you have been thinking, that only a miracle can save you from your problems and issues of life, please do not look for a miracle maker, please do not look for a guru, please turn in and look within yourself – you have all the resources, magic and miracles within you, to achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life, and hypnosis is the tool to tap into your dormant resources, it   is the veritable key to the kingdom within you!

There is no other effective and predictable tool to improve the plights of underperforming students, dysfunctional marriages, unrequited love, failing business, sufferers of stress depression anxiety and other psychosomatic diseases and addictive habits. There is no other powerful tool that can at the same to make you rich and powerful and affluent and absolutely happy and fulfilled. …It is also the tool that makes other tools like meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy, NLP and, affirmation, visualisation, positive thinking, the power of attraction and even the principles of the secret, work better. In fact in my mind power strategy, I have combined them all together with hypnosis as the operating system so that you get the best of everything in the  metaphysical, mind power or personal development market given to you in a platter!

It is almost like the genie or a magic wand or the flying carpet – I have been offering this to my clients and patients and colleagues from the confines of my consulting rooms or the seminar halls across Australia, now with the magic of the Internet, I have decided to reach a wider audience across the globe. So please look for my various webinar dates. From the comfort of your own homes, you can enjoy the magic of hypnosis

I’m not going to offer you a promotional webinar or sample CD, or a 30 day free home trial study material, so that you can book into a proper webinar which is usually worth $4500, but for you, and only this time for $25! I am not going to do any such sales gimmicks I am only going to offer simple and straightforward professional hypnotic sessions, online, but as if you are sitting face-to-face in my consulting rooms. Please check my website, blogs and e-mails for details. Keep smiling- the power of infinite possibilities and the resources to fulfil your dreams are knocking at your door, just be willing to let them in. See you soon online

Life is like water lily, if the water level goes up in the pond the lily will go up;  

if the water level goes down, the lily will go down too.

Your life also will go up and down depending upon  

                                                                                                                                                      the level of your thoughts                                                                                                                                                     


The crowded metaphysical market – why hypnosis?

The personal development or self-improvement market is replete with clichés and slogans, plans and programmes. From the recent Secret and Power of attraction to the age-old positive thinking,  from the Bible to the Baghavat Gita, gurus  saints and sages, talk about  meditation, visualisation, Progressive muscular relaxation, NLP, firewalking, bending the spoon and breaking the bricks,  kundalini yoga, pranayama  and even  levitation! Where does hypnosis belong in this metaphysical maze? Whereas all these modalities have some merit or other, the consumer stands totally confused.

Recently I told a patient of mine to do some meditation. He angrily said, “I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in that!” Many people also believe that meditation is definitely better than hypnosis. Some of them swear that creative visualisation and Progressive muscular relaxation are the best.  I have also seen many people who  successfully walked on fire, broke the bricks and even bent the spoons, still living less than mediocre lives unable to get over their life problems. Needless to say the same plight  applies to people who  regularly meditate , pray, go to temples and churches.

In simple terms, none of these life changing modalities seems to change their lives. What is the missing link? What is holding  them back from their  true potential?

Lack of proper action and programming – the recipe book doesn’t do the cooking you will need to do  the cooking. Hypnosis not only gives you the recipe it makes you do the cooking . It doesn’t tell you what to do, it simply makes you do it. It programs your subconscious mind to execute even the most difficult task effortlessly and automatically. It’s like an expert driver, or an elegant ballerina doing their job without any conscious effort. With hypnosis for example a smoker can give up  his many years of smoking habit in a matter of minutes! Because hypnosis works at the very core of your mind – the subconscious mind – where habits are manufactured, discarding old habits new habits are produced then and there.

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