Healing the Healer.

(Stop the Burnout and Start Blossoming Again!)
Stress and Life Management Seminar for GPs
(and their spouses)


“Physician, heal thyself…” is an age-old admonition to the healing profession. It is, however, more appropriate now than ever before. Doctors particularly, general practitioners, under various social, political, academic, personal and financial challenges and crises, face a rather unmanageable level of stress, often paradoxically more than the patients they are treating. The ravages of years of study, hard-working, stress, juggling financial, family, personal and professional priorities as the years go by, destroy the charm and mystique of the healer, as he slowly sinks into mediocrity, unfulfilled dreams and failing faculties…. the healer becomes the sick. Money, relationships, health, happiness and fulfilments should be the effortless accomplishments of every healer. As we all know health is not merely absence of disease, it is an abundance of health wealth and happiness and a permanent sense of fulfilment.

Stress is the common cause and source of many diseases and dysfunctional states.

Healing the healer, will give you state of the art methodologies in understanding and managing your personal stress and stress-related situations in life. Quite unconventionally, this week end course will also address and treat many of your personal problems in a very discreet and personal way while you’re participating in the seminar. This kind of treatment is not often available in the user-friendly, non challenging, non confrontational and congenial atmosphere to GPs and their spouses.

You’ll find, Healing the healer is the most precious gift you can give to yourself and your family.


Learning objectives/Introduction:

Inspired by the constant need for stress management openly expressed by the GP participants of my Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis for General Practitioners, over the years, and triggered by the urgent necessity to promote the well-being of the healing profession and save them from untimely burn out — the imminent burn out , the impending psychological breakdown, and the already prevalent high rates of depression, anxiety drug and alcohol addiction and suicide being adequately demonstrated by the recent Australian broadcasting Corporation’s “The 7.30 Report” (17.4.2006) and The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ self-care guidebook, “Keeping the Doctor Alive”, The Awareness School of Hypnosis is proposing to offer the Healing the Healer, stress management course for GP’s in two Active Learning Modules over a weekend, across Australia.

It is not enough to keep the doctors alive, we have to keep them healthy, wealthy and and effortlessly functioning to their full potential as custodians of the health of the nation.


  1. Techniques to learn to recognise the insidious onset of professional and personal stress and its progression to depression and despair leading on to psychological breakdown, drug and alcohol addiction dysfunctional families and suicide.
  2. To learn techniques and treatment modalities to manage and effectively handle these stress-related crises and challenges in personal life and the consulting rooms.
  3. To acquire skills in self hypnosis, meditation, CBT, self improvement psychology, creative and strategic decision-making and holistic life management.
  4. To offer treatment discreetly and as part of the “hands on learning programme” while the participants are in the seminar in self.
  5. To offer in other words not only the knowledge and skills of stress management, during this two-day seminar, but actual treatment of various stress-related psychosomatic or addictive illnesses the participants might have been silently suffering from.
  6. To offer training techniques and skills in lifestyle management with nutrition, exercise, relaxation and proactive relationships
  7. To offer skills to harmoniously blend increasing demands of the consulting rooms, escalating financial commitments and meaningful relationships at home
  8. To learn methodologies from the ancient meditative to the modern new age and psychological , the quantum field of mind body continuum, and psychoneuroimmunology in healing a common cold or cancer.
  9. To experience “hands on” the various tools available in mind body medicine.
  10. To experience and offer the magic of healing and well-being in a harmoniously balanced life — whether you are at the beginning of your career or approaching the end of it.

Evidence/Needs Assessment:

Australian broadcasting Corporation’s “The 7.30 Report” (17.4.2006)

” For a male doctor, the suicide rate is about double that of the community generally. For the female doctor, it is said to be about six times higher. Now that is just death, suicide of highly trained people. It doesn’t take into account the vast numbers of doctors who are depressed, suffer from alcoholism, who self treat — which is often a very real problem.”

–Jeff Kennett

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