Hypnosis for Year 10, 11 and 12 Students

Your mind is like a thought sensitive computer. Every thought that goes through it programs it, and your life happens as a print out. If you want to change the print out, you’ll need to change the program – not just struggle with the print out!

  • This course will teach you how to program your life.
  • You will learn techniques to breeze through every exam.
  • The skills you will learn in this seminar are life skills, invaluable skills for better living and far reaching benefits, not just tools to pass exams, even though that will be the immediate goal.

Mind power with hypnosis and meditation for year 10, 11, & 12 (for that matter for any student) students is one of the most powerful educational tools you can have for excellence in academic pursuits.

This course will teach you how to program your personal and scholastic life:

How do you remember the spelling for “cat”? Why don’t you forget it? How do you remember your own telephone number? How do you know that 2+ 2 = 4 and not 5? How come you do not forget your swimming or cycling once you’ve learnt it even though a long time ago? It is all because what we call subconscious competence. This is the secret of any learning.

If all the materials you learn read and memorize for exams are as easy as ‘c’ ‘a’ ‘t’ cat and as easy as swimming or cycling won’t that be wonderful?
That is the skill you will learn in this course — subconscious competence.

Have you heard about success/failure spiral -the rich gets richer and that the poor gets poorer, or the best students are always the best and the mediocre students are always mediocre? This course will teach you how to get into the success spiral and remain there for the rest of your life.

Hard-working, goal setting, late nights and cramming can only get you to a certain height. What is the point of pushing the accelerator down and down when only six cylinders of the V8 engine are working? Who will calculate with fingers and toes in these days of Pentium computers?

Studying hard with conventional methods is like using your fingers and toes to count.
You need better tools in these competitive years to achieve excellence effortlessly. Your mind is the only power, resource and supercomputer you have for running your life. But what is the use of having the most sophisticated computer in the world if we do not have the programme to run it or if you do not know how to operate it?

Many of us simply don’t know. Some of the best intellectuals, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs in the world like Aldous Huxley, Mozart, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Henry Ford etc used the same kind of mind power we are talking about. The difference between these people and ordinary people, between a bright student and a mediocre student is not the “size of the brain” but the way they use it.

These great people used the hypnotic and trancelike states to produce their masterpieces or mind blowing inventions. Even today champions in any field, leaders in any endeavour, gurus of any kind, the best are students of any faculty, knowingly or unknowingly, admittedly or otherwise use this magic power.

This power is the source of all creativity and success in any age, any tradition or any endeavour

This course will teach you how to access and how to use this power

Children under the age of seven, learn at an amazing speed because they do not have to sit for an exam, and they have no performance anxiety! This angelic, childlike, “stress free” state which is a silent powerhouse is lost along the way to adulthood.

This course will restore it

Even to the best prepared, exams are often formidable because of stress, anxiety, physical and emotional fatigue, performance anxiety, parental and peer group pressures and poor time and resource management.
With the unique combination of hypnosis, meditation and NLP this course offers a magnificent tool for super performance and predictable success in life and study. A host of super learning techniques will be taught in an enjoyable hypnotic state so that every thing you learn in the seminar will be internalized in your subconscious mind and the skills will be easily available to you almost every moment of your study time. You will enjoy the freedom of stress free learning and living