Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis for GPs.

This is mind body medicine at its best – with Hypnosis as the operating system. If you are serious about learning it, and start practising it straight away, this is the course for you. As our teaching involves a lot of post hypnotic learning loops, experiential and hands-on training, and our unique mini psychotherapy and counselling components, you will acquire the necessary skills while you are in the seminar effortlessly.

You do not have to do any homework: We know how busy you are in your practice.

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The course is experiential and transformational – in addition to learning skills in clinical hypnosis and state of the art mindbody medicine, you also get your personal issues and addictive habits discreetly  treated and you emerge out of the  seminar equipped with powerful, destiny making tools to take control of your personal and professional life. As busy GPs you seldom get this kind of opportunity for self healing

Whether you are at the beginning or the end of the spectrum of your medical practice, the science of medicine becomes intriguingly interesting and meaningful the moment you cease to think that man is merely a biochemical or mechanical model and begin to think that he is basically a metaphysical or energy entity.

From this paradigms shift, your professional and personal lives instantly take an inspiring turn– an amazing sense of invincibility begins to permeate every phase of your life………….

Hypnosis opens the door to this new world of mind body medicine and metaphysical living for your patients and more importantly to you……


The current brochure for the intensive course in clinical hypnosis for GPs can be downloaded below. All documents are in .doc format.

Please print the registration and payment form and send it to the following address to attend this course:

PO Box 42

You may wish to download the whole brochure, or only the required registration forms.

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