STOP Smoking the easy way

Stop smoking the easy way,

with Dr Muthukrishnan’s
mind power techniques: ( hypnosis for habit control)

The habit of smoking is an addiction. Addiction is a programme in the subconscious mind. Unless you reprogramme the subconscious mind, addictions will never leave you. Hypnosis is the most effective way of reprogramming your subconscious mind for positive changes. Trying to stop smoking by any other method — patches, tablets, chewing gum, counselling, “going cold turkey” etc- will only substitute one addiction for another. For example, you stop smoking for a while, but start binge eating, munching minties, getting irritable and stressed out,…… till you pick up smoking again!

Dr Muthukrishnan’s techniques uniquely combine many modalities of therapy in hypnosis i.e. Meditation, NLP, cognitive behavioural therapy etc. His techniques also treat “the whole person” creating tangible lifestyle changes rather than just plucking the cigarettes away from your mouth.So not only smoking, with these techniques, all your other addictions also will drop off. You emerge out of the sessions as a healthy and vibrant person.