Want to get into medicine?

Do you have children in year 10, 11 or 12
or children wanting to get to selective schools, or wanting to get into medicine, sitting UMAT or GAMSAT exams?
Try Dr Muthukrishnan’s mind power techniques. (Hypnosis for super learning)

In these highly competitive times, hard work, intelligence, genetic advantages, motivation and ambition are alone not enough. Most students, in these days, have all these factors in place and these are already working for them.

If you’re looking for a winning edge, you have to enlist the most sophisticated tool of all to work for you– the dormant resources of your mind power. You may ask, “Am I not already using my mind power with the intelligent, planned, strategic study methods?” ” Yes, you are, but only partly. You are using the conscious, cognitive, analytical and logical part of your mind, which is very commendable, and it will definitely produce wonderful results for you. But there is another part of mind which is seldom called into use— your intuitive, subconscious mind which is responsible for harmony, spontaneity, calmness, presence of mind, super memory and super performance. The difference between the two minds is like the difference between eating and digesting, memorising and “remembering”

Eating is done by your conscious mind; but the subconscious does the job of digesting the food you have eaten. Memorising is done by your logical mind by constant repetition, but “remembering” is done by your subconscious mind.
Similarly, learning driving is done by the conscious mind, but after having learnt, when you cruise along the freeway, that “automatic driving” is done by your subconscious mind. When your learning becomes subconscious and automatic, you perform at peak levels

We welcome you to experience your peak performance. No matter what kind of exam you are facing, these metaphysical tools are the same—– selective school, HSC, GAMSAT or UMAT