What is mind power?

Your unconditional self or your indwelling intelligence or your consciousness or, in simple terms, your mind is the origin, source and cause of everything that happens to you; realising and controlling your self gives you the power to control your life.

Trance states like meditation and hypnosis are the gateways to self-realisation and unconditional living.

Your awakened Self

Birth, old-age, decay and death are of no concern to me, for i’m not the body. The world of sound, touch, sight, taste and smell has no concern to me, for I am not the senses. I am not the mind and therefore sorrow, desire, hatred and fear cannot affect me. As dictated by the scriptures, Self is neither the senses nor the mind, it is unconditionsl.
— Shankarachariar the best known exponent of adwaita (Non Duality) Vedanta, who lived around 8000AD

A self realised human being is independent of everything and everyone –Vedanta

There is a power that moves the universe and holds it in perfect harmony. You are part of the same power. This is the same power that makes your lungs breathe, your heart beat, controls the millions and trillions of metabolic activities of your body and makes you function as a harmonious and creative human being. You may call this power God, Brahman, the indwelling intelligence, consciousness, the Quantum field or your own mind.
This power, all pervasive and omnipotent it maybe, is only potentially powerful– it needs to be activated, like fire, electricity, electromagnetic waves– it needs to be switched on or activated. Just like flipping on the switch of the electric light. If we don’t switch on, the light never becomes available to you, at least in the way you need it for your life circumstances.

You may call this switching on process self-realisation or accessing the mind power for positive living. Trance states like meditation and hypnosis are the gateways to this amazing self-realisation and unconditional living.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, in which favourable suggestions are readily accepted, internalized and acted upon, and the unlimited power of the subconscious mind is utilized for healing, creativity, personal transformation and performance enhancement. It is essentially, with our understanding of the Quantum Field, a reorientation of one’s awareness, this reorientation process, opening up a field of infinite possibilities.

Nothing can make medicine more holistic than this metaphysical tool. It has been replete with myths and misunderstandings since Mesmer quite unjustifiably. It is perhaps the safest, most non-invasive healing modality and deserves better acceptance from the medical fraternity. Modern hypnosis has evolved itself into a sophisticated, clinical speciality and needs to be treated as such. It is not the spiral wheel, the swinging pendulum or the authoritative command of the stage hypnotist any more.