Want more out of life-Software for Your Soul

Want more out of your life –Software for Your Soul

Do you want to make more out of your life

— whether you are a CEO, a student, 9to5 office worker, parent or spouse

Try Dr Muthukrishnan’s mind power techniques. (Software for your soul)



“Experience is a comb which you get when your head is almost bald” says a Chinese proverb. By the time we get to know how to live, most of the life is gone and often there is nothing to live for .There is practically a University degree for every human endeavour but there is no University degree to teach you how to live a fuller, happier and harmonious life. That is why even those who achieve academic and intellectual brilliance, perform very poorly in their own personal lives. Marriage, relationship, parenting, health and well-being, despite the human sophistications in other areas, are still bearing the brunt of a very unsophisticated and unwholesome behaviours.


While we can conquer space and time, we often stand helpless in the face of a dysfunctional relationship, or a recalcitrant teenage son or daughter.


“Software for your soul” will show you the missing link and help you get most out of this magnificent life.